7 Mistakes We Make When Raising Our Children

7 Mistakes We Make When Raising Our Children

Parenting is probably one of the most significant responsibilities you’ll have, yet there’s no manual to guide you. Every parent-child relationship is unique, so you walk on uncharted territory with every kid. While there aren’t any instructions for proper parenting, some mistakes are bound to impact the kids profoundly. Overcoming these seven mistakes will help you become a more effective parent.



1. Having Unrealistic Expectations

When you expect too much from your children, you might create problems. For instance, if you get frustrated with your 2-year-old because they aren’t interested in potty training, you’ll put too much pressure on them. Another example of an unrealistic expectation is assuming that your teenager shouldn’t be moody or losing your cool because your 6-year-old is wetting the bed. Take it a day at a time and consult the doctor when your child doesn’t meet the expected developmental milestone.


2. Not Allowing Your Child to Explore

7 Mistakes We Make When Raising Our Children

Since birth, you have been on a learning curve – and so is your little one. As children grow up, playing becomes an effective means of learning, leaving them hurt or bruised. However, the fear of getting hurt shouldn’t be a reason to stop them from exploring tukif. Allow your child to pursue their curiosity, try out new things and learn from their mistakes.


3. Always Saving Them from Failure

As a parent, watching your child struggle through challenges you can quickly fix is not easy. However, saving them all the time denies kids the opportunity to learn from failure. For instance, if your kid performs poorly in school, doing their homework does more harm than good. You’d better help them understand the concepts or talk to their teacher about the challenges.


4. Not Fixing Problems

Some parents endure months or years of frustration by not taking the proper steps towards solving issues. You may assume that some problems can’t be fixed or quickly accept them. Whether it’s bedtime battles, temper tantrums, or frequent night awakenings, finding solutions is better than putting up with the challenges. Although it requires extra effort, most problems you face as a parent can easily be worked through, fixed, or changed.

5. Not Setting Rules or Limits

It may seem like you love your kids more by letting them do whatever they want, but you are doing them a great injustice. Children need to differentiate good from bad, and only you can teach them. Create routines to help them know what to expect throughout the day. As they grow older, make sure to discipline them accordingly. That way, you will set them up for success


6. Not Empathizing with Your Child

When a challenging situation arises, the best thing to do is empathize before reacting. Put yourself in your kid’s shoes by understanding where they are coming from. If your child is angry, frustrated, upset, or crying, they don’t want to make your life harder. Understand that they are having a hard time and don’t know how to cope.


7. Preaching Without Practicing

Every parent has had that moment where they asked their kids to do one thing while doing the complete opposite. Children consider their parents to be role models, so they imitate you. For instance, if you warn your child against eating junk or excessive screen time, ensure you follow suit. While at it, take the time to explain why the foods are harmful instead of giving instructions only.

Childhood is a time for discovery, fun, and play – please don’t rush your little one. Stay calm and enjoy every moment because everything moves so fast. Now that you know the common parenting mistakes, you are all set for successful parenting!

The western world is a pro-Ana site

For those of you who don’t already know, “Pro-Anorexia” or “Pro-Ana” websites are designed to help people who already have disorders be able to continue with them. It is sick. They often include things like lists of “safe foods” that have the lowest possibly calorie content, and “thinspiration” which includes pictures of models and actresses to “trigger” people to continue on their quest to be thin.
It’s hard to imagine just how disturbing these sites really are unless one visits them.
However, as disturbing as this is, I believe I found something more disturbing, and here it is.

When I began to sort through this trough of hell known as pro-ana sites on the web, I was saddened to the point of tears and silmulteously so enraged by the thought that people are out there promoting the kind of horror that I endured that I wanted to get in my car, drive to each of their houses, throw them up against the wall by their collars and knock some damn sense into them. In fact the only thing holding me back from this is knowing that they’re mentally ill, not evil.
So, because I had found something that actually shocked me and disturbed me to this point, I felt it necessary to share it with everyone I could and it was reactions that disturbed me the most.

When most people see a pro-ana site, they are horrified and saddened and upset. They see the pictures of models and actresses that women and girls are using to prolong their illness and it makes them sick. But take those same models and actresses out of this context, and most of those same people sickened by it worship it as the perfect body type. For example: a couple of guy friends I know looked at pro-ana sites and were appalled, but I know very well that theres a copy of Playboy or Maxim or something sitting in their living rooms with women just like that in the pages and they don’t seem appalled by that!

Let’s be honest. It’s not like the people who put together pro-ana sites have to search hard to find pictures of starving women. Most models and actresses today in the west are significantly underweight. Not some, not a few, most. But apparently it takes a site advocating eating disorders for people to realize this??? That’s ridiculous! People need to become aware of this. It is a cultural disease! Pro-ana sites give people tips on how to become and stay ridiculously thin, they show them pictures of people who are already ridiculously thin, and they heavily enforce the idea that beauty is all and thin is all beauty. So I ask you, how is this different from everything the general media points to? It’s Not noticias.

If you think pro-ana sites are appalling, just turn on your TV, open a magazine or surf the net for a moment and you’ll see that what we live in is just one huge pro-ana society.