I’m from Minneapolis. Here a list of things you can do as a tourist

Fort Snelling: What was Minneapolis like around 200 years? You cannot go back in time, or can you? You can come close to going back in time by visiting Fort Snelling. There you can see what life was like in the early 1800’s. There are people dressed like soldiers and other people doing their jobs back then. If you get there at the right time, you can even hear them fire canons. Call 612-726-1171 for more information.

Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center: Want to see a 76 foot long replica of Viking ship made out of 100 oak trees? Come visit the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center. What is “Hjemkomst”? It is the Norwegian word for “homecoming”. The center also has a replica of a 12th-century Stave Church. Call 218-299-5511 or visit their website for more information.

James J. Hill Mansion: This place is a big red sandstone mansion in St. Paul that was built over a hundred years ago for the guy that built the Great Northern Railway. It was the biggest and most expensive house in Minnesota when it was built. If you lived there, you would never have to wait for the bathroom — it has 13 of them! You can find out about visiting this huge mansion at their website or by calling 651-296-8205.

Minnesota Historical Society: The Minnesota Historical Society has been collecting and telling Minnesota history for 150 years! The History Center was completed in 1992 for over $75 million dollars after 10 years of planning and construction. The society offers live performances, multimedia shows, and a chance to go inside a grain elevator. Visit their website or call 651-296-6126 for more information.

Minnesota State Capitol: Not only is this is where lots of important decisions are made in Minnesota, but it is where there are lots of cool things to see. You can get a tour of the State Capital from guides of the Minnesota Historical Society — including the famous gold statue of a chariot and four horses called the “Quadriga” if the weather allows it. Call 651-296-2881 for tour information.

Sod House: Mow the grass or fix the roof? How about both?! Visit this recreation of a house made out¬†like the one’s in the 1880’s. For more information, call 507-723-5138.

Split Rock Lighthouse: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a lighthouse up on a cliff — helping to keep ships from crashing into the rocks below on foggy nights? You can get an idea by taking a tour of the Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior’s North Shore. Nearby, you can go for a hike and see some neat views of the lake and woods. To shed some light on more information, call 218-226-6372.

American Swedish Institute: Interested in learning about Swedish-American culture in a place that looks like a castle? You bet! The American Swedish Institute, located in the Turnblad family mansion, is at 2600 Park Avenue in Minneapolis. There is also a gift shop and bookstore. Call 612-871-4907 for information about tours.

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts: This place has been around for over 150 years as a tavern, an inn, part of a dairy farm, and a post office. Now it is a place where you can see art by lots of Minnesota artists for free! It also has art classes for kids. You can call them to find out more at 763-574-1850.

Magic Brush Ceramics: Do you like art and painting things? Call Magic Brush Ceramics to find our more at 651-488-0548.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts: The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is one of North America’s finest public art museums, with more than 100,000 things to see from all around the world. They also have art activities in the Family Room where kids can get involved, a treasure hunt, and special programs for kids like “Art Adventure.” Kids can even create their own art at Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ family day. For more information about Art Adventure, call 612-870-3056 or 612- 870-3174. You can also visit their website online.

Minnesota Museum of American Art: The Minnesota Museum of American Art in downtown St. Paul has art by Evelyn Raymond, Robert Henri, Thomas Hart Benton, Jacob Lawrence and many other artists. Their general phone number is 651-292-4355 and their number for educational programs is 651-292-4395.

Paint Your Plate: Paint your own ceramic plate or mug masterpiece at Paint Your Plate! You can even have a “paint your plate” birthday party where everyone gets to be an artist. Visit their website or call 651-225-8034 or 612-925-2311 to find out more.

Walker Art Center: The Walker Art Center has all sorts of creative stuff — art, music, dance, film and more. It also has special programs for teens. Visit their creative website or call 612-375-7622 for more information.

Ironworld: It is not exactly like Indiana Jones going through a mine in a cart, but you can take a trolley ride along the Glen Mine pit lake in Ironworld in Chisholm, Minnesota. There is also a big outdoor park, an carousel, miniature golf, and a museum. You can dig up more information at their website or by calling 800-372-6437.

Niagara Cave: Niagara Cave is one of the largest caves in the Midwest whose formations are still getting growing! It has underground canyons, streams, waterfalls, rooms that are over 100 feet high, fossils, stalactites, and even a wedding chapel. You can see pictures and learn more at their website or by calling 800-837-6606.

Soudan Mine: What goes down, must come up. You hope! You can ride a cage down into Minnesota’s deepest iron ore mine. They now use it for physics experiments. On land above the mine, you can see the equipment they used to crush the iron ore from the mine. You can see more at their website or call 218-753-2245.

Wabasha Street Caves: Learn about history and geology during a tour of these caves under St. Paul. Call 651-292-1220 for more info.

Athletic Camps: Want to get better at soccer, basketball, or some other sport? The University of Minnesota sponsors a whole bunch of sports camps where you can get help from University coaching staff. Call the University of Minnesota for more information.

Bumper Bowling: Would you like to try bowling, but can’t stand it when your bowling ball goes in the gutter? Some bowling alleys fix that for kids by putting bumpers in the gutters so you ball goes all the way to the pins. Here are some bowling alleys that do this at special times — Lariat Lanes in Richfield at 612-866-5311, New Hope Bowl at 612-537-9376, and West Side Lanes in St. Paul at 651-451-6222. Call to find out when and how much it costs.

Minnesota Gophers: The Gophers are the sports teams at the University of Minnesota and they are pretty good, you betcha! For more information and tickets to Gophers games, call 800-U-GOPHER.

Minnesota Lynx: The Women’s National Basketball Association has 14 teams and the Minnesota Lynx is one of the most active. For tickets, call Ticketmaster at 651-989-5151.

Minnesota Thunder: Like soccer? See the Minnesota Thunder, part of the United Soccer League’s A-League, play at the National Sports Center in Blaine. For ticket information, call 763-785-FOOT and dial extension 3668.

Minnesota Timberwolves: The Minnesota Timberwolves, with Kevin Garnett, Latrell Sprewell, Sam Cassell, Wally Szczerbiak and Troy Hudson, are a first class basketball team. Get more information on how to be part of the action by calling Ticketmaster at 651-989-5151.

Minnesota Twins: It can be exciting watching baseball, especially since the Minnesota Twins have been doing well. You can call 800-33-TWINS for information about tickets.

Minnesota Vikings: How about those Vikes? Call 612-33-VIKES for information about tickets.

Minnesota Wild: Like Hockey? See the NHL Minnesota Wild!
For tickets, call Ticketmaster at 651-989-5151.

Parade Ice Garden: The Parade Ice Garden, next to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden has three skating rinks. The Minnesota Wild use it for training. For information about skating there, visit their website porno.

Rollerdome: The Metrodome is not just for baseball and football, it is also a cool place for inline skating. Call 612-825-DOME for skating times and dates.

Roseville Skating Center: The Roseville Skating Center has two ice rinks. Call 651-415-2170 for more information.

Schwan’s Super Rink: Schwan’s Super Rink in Blaine has four rinks. Call 612-785-3687 for more information.

St. Paul Saints: The Saints play outdoor baseball. Call 651-644-6659 for tickets.